Saturday, April 30, 2011

catching up

blog, blog, blog
or blah, blah, blah

Haven't wanted to blog, but there's a lot going on in my mind.
Need to back way up and try to remember what's gone on.

Kelly nominated me for a Monday Morning Makeover with WCTV.  Had my nails and hair done.  It was fun.  The girl who 'did me' went to Springwood many years ago.  She's 21 now.  I didn't know her then.  Haven't been on WCTV's website or program yet.

Easter Saturday was a tough day.  I started out working in the yard, but had no motivation or pep.  After lunch, I decided to give in to the feeling and spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch.  Took a cat nap, watched TV.  Easter Sunday was special, thinking about John in heaven celebrating his first Easter there with Jesus, the reason for our hope.  Lunch with the family, then home.  Put on John's hat and started going through the chest of drawers, getting ready for our upcoming garage sale.  I found 5 sticky notes!  One of them said, "Christ is coming!"  How appropriate for Easter.  The funniest place he put a sticky note was in the last pair of his favorite underwear.  [inside joke]
In a book entitled "A Time of Departing", John highlighted the title page and signed his name with xxoo's.  Those words must have resonated with him. 

Just as there were markers of decline for me to watch for in John, I am discovering what his main marker was:  signing his name.  Going through things in his office, I've found page after page where John practiced signing his name.  I knew he did this when he got ready to sign the photographs he had blown up for me, but other pages are in different notebooks, scratch pads, on sheets of notebook paper.  One of the sticky notes I found the other day was late in the process, when he started printing his name only and spelling it 'Johe'.  I've put them all in a little photo album, with an explanation of where and when I found them.

Thinking about joining First Bapt. Havana choir this summer.
Need to fill out the papers to recertify.
Need to walk more to prepare for hiking this summer.
Want to volunteer more at the museum this summer.
Got up at 5:30 a.m. to watch Catherine and William marry.
Was suppose to have new shingles delivered Friday but they weren't......
film update:  the Brownie camera film had no pictures on it.  The 126 had about 5 pictures.  One was of a man on a couch.  Had it printed to see if it's Mr. John.  Had to take the camera apart to try to get that special ADX film out.  It's being developed now.

Tim, Georgia, and Kohle have come from Idaho.  Got to Daytona last night.  Mr. John has been in the hospital for several days.  They give him transfusions and platelets, and within a few hours, the platelets are gone from his body.  Tim helped get him home today, there won't be any more treatments, and Gloria called Hospice today to get support. 

make-over hair