Saturday, May 7, 2011

so many firsts

Sharon, Marshall, and I went to Oven Park on May 5th, mine and John's first wedding anniversary.  It was a Thursday afternoon, and a couple was getting married at the gazebo just like we did the year before.
I brought the bear, sparkling grape juice, cheese, lemon bars, the duckies, and Sharon brought bananas, crackers, paper towel...all the necessities.  We walked around the park.  The flowers were beautiful, and the weather was still cool.  It was a great way to celebrate. 

Today I am in Daytona.  It's Saturday, and Mr. John's funeral is Monday.  Georgena and I came on so she/we could spend time with Georgia and Kohle, and get them out of the house.  This afternoon, we took them to the beach to walk around and got ice cream on the way home. 

Gloria is doing ok.  She tears up when she talks about 'things', but all in all, she's holding it together.  Her former sister-in- law and husband are also here for a few days.  Tim went with us to get burgers this afternoon, and he talked a lot about his dad's final days.  It's been a hard time for them, but it worked out best that Tim came to help out. 

At lunch, I noticed how much Tim's arms look like John's.  Same freckles, hair, shape.  I had a moment of fighting tears, and went out on the deck to process it all.  The quiet didn't last long with two pre-teens around. 

My Mother's Day Tea at school went very well.  It was also teacher appreciation week, so several moms brought me bouquets of flowers.  woohoo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday sunday sunday

It seems Sundays are going to be the day to go through John's stuff, especially with the garage sale coming in two weeks.  Didn't find any sticky notes today :( but I'm sure there are more.  I've been thru all his clothes, shoes, and 90% of his books.  After the books, the only thing left is finishing the filing in his office.  He really did a good job going thru things when he moved in..........which brings me to the most traumatic weekend of my life.  Yes, even worse than him dying.

It was almost exactly a year ago, when his brain filled with air instead of fluid, and he went nuts.  We had been married almost two weeks, had a garage sale planned, he couldn't go to his shed to load up for the garage sale, in-law family helped.  I ended up taking John to the hospital that night and he had surgery again to re-do the incision.
It was just awful..............and I remembered today that it was almost a year ago.

Our first first wedding anniversary is on the 5th.  Will have to think of something special to do for it. 

New roof work begins tomorrow.  yippeee

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