Thursday, January 3, 2013

holiday happenings

Made it through the second holiday season.  It started back in November when I purchased an ornament for the Walk for Life Christmas tree downtown.  You could write/draw on a purple ball and hang it on the tree as a fund raiser for the group.  I brought mine home this week.  It was still hanging and not too worse for wear after being outside for two months.

Thanksgiving was with my sister's in-law family again and it was enjoyable.

Christmas Eve day was with them also, then I spent the night with my sister's family.  Later Christmas day we went to my parents' and spent the night.  Fun and relaxing.  

Worked on my book a lot over the holiday break.  Had a cute teacher story in the paper today.  I'm now the leader of our local writers group.  It's been a busy writing time for me lately.