Saturday, March 26, 2011

My counselor says I should blog more. 
I didn't realize how "out of touch" I'd become in those last months.  John liked tv commercials muted.  Lately, I've seen several of them with the sound 'on' and have been surprised at the music or conversations in the commercials.  I had never heard them.

Going back to work Monday.  Planning day.  Counseling, massage, ball games all next week.  Talk about jumping back in with both feet! 

I feel very close to John when I sing/listen to Christian music.  He is where I'm singing about, with God, knowing the mysteries and glories we only sing about with words we think describe heaven, God, angels.  Part of me is here and part of me is there.

Today is the 139th anniversary of the 7.8-8.2 earthquake in California that my novel is set around. 

I ordered John's headstone last week.  It's plain but nice. 

Three good movies:  The Unknown, Lincoln Lawyer, The Adjustment Bureau.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


John was creative with graphics and layouts, composing ads, and even took a couple of graphic design classes. 

Yesterday, I rifled through four years of John's old business papers to burn.  I found a couple of pictures he had taken of carpet cleaning products, as though he were working up an ad for them.  He had been a member of the Capital City Apartment Association, which he told me about, to get his foot in the door with managers and others in that realm.  Nothing shocking or surprising in the boxes.  I saved an old Valentine his mom made for him in the early 1990's.  
He couldn't spell back then either.

I finally decided what to do with all these sticky notes John left me.  I'm going to put them in an album and label them with when and where I find it.  Will be fun to look back on one day.  I'm afraid if I leave them where I find them, I'll forget where they are and throw some out or have to relook for them later.

Still writing thank you notes. 
I can tell I'm working in the yard a lot because my nails are suffering.
We're having a beautiful spring.  It's dry and yellow-green from pollen, but as soon as we get a good rain, the grass will pop out and the mowing will begin.  ugh

One week until heading back to school.  
Sleeping pretty good at night.  Still going to grief counseling. 
Saw "Unknown" with Liam Neeson last night.  great twists and action