Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Family Fun

John's brother, Tim, and his family got into town late Tuesday night, really Wednesday morning.  Tim has taken John to run errands, to Whataburger for lunch, and who knows what all.  Big help to me, but most importantly, they are spending time together. 

Last night, Sharon and I went to the Prism concert at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.  The newly renovated auditorium's acoustics are music to your ears, but unfortunately also accents the chatter of rude auidence members.  Ninety minutes of non-stop music, ending with a gut-vibrating ending with the symphony and Chiefs together.

Enjoying being around niece and nephews and seeing John acting like a kid with them.  West, #2, asked me if I was going to keep living in my house once Uncle Dennis is dead.  I told him I was.  Jennifer said he's been full of questions, so I told him I'd answer anything he wanted to know. 

Tonight we ate dinner at Jennifer's mom's, then Tim, Jennifer, John, and I went to Marvin and Glenn's for coffee and cookies and queso.  We had a great time.  John had a hard time keeping up with the active quick moving conversation, but when we got home and he told me what he heard, he was right on it for the most part. 

Still haven't heard from Dr. Chemo.  He called yesterday but I wasn't at the house.  I'll have to call him Monday to see what all is going on.

Tomorrow, John's parents are coming from Daytona for a week or so.  They'll be staying with us.  I'll probably be going to the Christmas parade downtown with Sharon and Marshall tomorrow night.  Always fun.  That will give John and his parents some time to get caught up.

On the way home from Marvin and Glenn's, we saw a buck crossing Lake Shore near McGinnis Arm.  It had 3 nice points on the right side and 2...really 1  1/2 on the left.  Looked like the left side had been broken off.  Makes me want to hunt.   In 8 days.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't quite figure out how I keep getting these weird color highlights on some words.  technology

I look forward to writing every day.  weird   I haven't looked forward to writing in ages.  It's good to end the day in reflection and remembrance and leave it here.  Saw where you can have your blog printed into a book.   good idea

Today I called the auto glass insurance fix-it place and they're coming tomorrow to fix John's van windshield.  I also called Hospice and gave them more info to add to the file, wrote a letter to the anatomical board requesting his ashes be returned to us, went by the funeral home to meet and greet and find out what steps to take  "at that time."  Everyone we've worked with so far--Hospice, insurance, accountant, funeral home--has been very nice and helpful and patient.

When I took the class to the playground today, several of the kids stepped right over/around a baby snake on the boardwalk.  It was camouflaged and about 10" long.  I sent the other kids to another entrance and stood guard--but not too close--and called the office on my phone.  It seemed like forever before a custodian came and killed it.  Several adults identified it as a pigmy rattler.  [spell check is going nuts over pigmy but can't give me another spelling!] 

John is so excited about the kids getting here soon.  I really think once they leave he will give up.  He's had a good day; been right with me on conversation and saying words he hasn't thought of and used in ages. 

Time for NCIS, which we watch every Tuesday night. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Today, John and I both had dr appts.  He and Dr. Chemo decided to not do chemo anymore.  John gave it the old college try: surgeries, radiation, chemo......he's done with it all.  Dr. Chemo did give us info on another type of treatment, but John isn't interested.  I can understand...sort of. 
Tonight we filled out paper work for Hospice, the Anatomical Board for body donation, DNR, and read mail from the insurance company.  I'm mentally exhausted.  He got very frustrated while we filled out the paper work because he can't understand it all.  That's tough.
John has been so adament about cremation, which I'm not crazy about.  I still think donating his body for study will help someone else later.  They will return the body instead of cremation, too, but that's too creepy, and I wouldn't want to see it after they work on it.  I wish Dr. Surgeon could be there for the study and learn what went wrong with the metal plate, see how large the tumor got, see the destruction radiation did; etc.
Who better to learn from it?

Did a little decorating in the piano room last night.  I'll get done what I can.  Love decorating for Christmas.  Am thinking of doing a "Nutcracker" unit with my class this year instead of Holiday Customs Around the World. 

Snowball, the snowman at Glacier, was re-born yesterday!  And my, how he's grown.  He's a big boy this year.  My class will send him an American flag to hold, I've decided.
Today I came in late after my dexa and picked the kids up from lunch.  I brought in Marshall's old lava lamp and was chatting up the kids about their morning and went into what lava is; etc, then turned on the lava lamp.  In the midst of it all, the AP came in for an informal eval.  Haven't gotten feedback on that one yet.  It was a lively discussion with lots of big science words!

Going to bed!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Satisfying Saturday

After being home with John for several days, it's going to be hard to go back to work Monday. 
No headaches for him today.  yay

Went to my parents' along with Sharon to eat [again] and watch the first half of the Gator game.
Watched the second half at home with John while I undecorated the fall stuff and redid the mantle for Christmas.  Got a late start so I'll have to do the other rooms a day at a time, especially with the Cogdill family due in starting tomorrow. 
Turned cold after the little bit of rain yesterday.  John has always been the hot one, but with chemo and some weight loss, he's chilled easily, and being post-menopausal, I've gotten warmer over the years. roll reversals

We both have Dr. apptmnts Monday, quite by accident, but good for me.  I'll drop John off then head for my dexa scan.  Oh no!  I just realized I forgot to leave sub plans for Monday a.m.!!!!!!!!
Like I don't have enough on my mind........probably why I forgot!