Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sizzling summer

The school year ended quietly.  Took my time putting things away to make the beginning of next year easier.  The inside of our buildings are being painted, which meant everything had to be away from and off the walls.
My teaching buddy, Sarah, might not be there next year, and I will be devastated if she's not.

Visited a probate lawyer to help with closing out John's accounts. He says things should be decided and wrapped up before summer is over.

Last Saturday, I invited friends to shop Havana and have lunch.  Ronnie, who works at the Music Mission Kiev Orlando office, came up to shop with us.  She said the group going over in Sept/Oct is full but she'd make a place for me if I want to go.  Mama will need lots of convincing........
Ended up with 11 ladies doing Havana!

After a garage sale this weekend, I'll start looking for a cat.

Today, Sharon and I did downtown Tallahassee.  We toured the Governor's Mansion, the Italian Baroque artwork at The Brogan, the Union Bank, and had lunch at Jasmine.
For years, I've bugged the curator at the mansion to let me be a docent. In passing today, she mentioned that NASCAR drivers are attending a reception there in June.  Of course I begged to be a docent for the day.  She did me one better than that.  I have a new part time job!  Sharon and I are now on the list as 'wait staff' for special events; private dinners [which will come later], receptions, and ..... something else [State dinners?].
They have to run us through the secret service background check first.  We interviewed with the resident chef.  After the NASCAR event, there isn't anything particular planned until session.  Etiquette will be huge, but they will teach us.
wowie wow wow

Walked at the park tonight.  I think it's the first time without John.  Maybe I went once before; can't remember.  Another 'first' tackled.