Friday, January 7, 2011

replacement parts

Met my replacement today and she is delightful.  She already has her paperwork and sub certificate complete.  She came today and spent time with me, but I was testing and not teaching.  Monday she'll shadow, Tuesday she'll teach with me in the background, and then Wednesday will be my first day off.  I'll be gone until after spring break at least.  We'll tell the kids and parents Tuesday.Wasn't expecting getting a replacement that quickly and smoothly, but like most steps along this path, God has orchestrated even the tiniest details.  I don't know how people function who don't know Him. 

We have a new governor.  Time will tell.

John's parents will head home in the morning.  He'll be home alone Monday and Tuesday.  Should be fine.  We'll all call him regularly.  Can't wait to be home.  It'll be like having 2 summers this year. 

John's niece called him again tonight and it thrills him.  Tickles him pink. 

Tired.  Going to bed.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

fast times

Time is flying.  John's parents have been here this week.  I'm sure they're stir-crazy.  They'll leave Saturday.  Came to a conclusion yesterday that I should take a leave from work until I'm ready to go back.  My administration and family support me in my decision.  John smiled when I told him but he's concerned that I'll use all my leave time.  oh well.....that's why I've collected it all these years.  We'll never get these days back.

John has felt well and done well.  A little weaker on the right side every day.  Pastor Bob came over today to check on us and talk a bit about the memorial service.  It was good to see him and talk with him again.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of details of this week, and once I'm home regularly I'll look back and fill in the important gaps.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

{amendment to Sunday's\previous post}

Our friends understood about not coming over today.  John has rested on the couch and felt fine after lunch.  His parents got here around 2:00.  I fixed dinner [pork chops, Italian green beans, baked potatoes, tea biscuits].  We're seeing a correlation with bad weather and his head hurting also. 
Ah!  drain, rain, pain.  

a funny:  Marshall thought the electric blanket I got John for Christmas was an electrocution blanket,
and why would I get him one. 

It's a new year

Not really into saying happy new year because I know it probably won't be.  But I say it because I hope it will be. 

It's been quiet and good around here.  John's been feeling good and doing well.  It's been warm and we've walked outside several times, sat in the sun.  I cleaned up the last of the leaves and finished the weedeating from a month ago.  Yesterday my family came over to celebrate Mama's b'day.  I fixed black eyed peas, rice, ham, cornbread, tea, and cookies and ice cream.  We had a great time. 

John called his dad last night to tell him they didn't need to come; he's having good days and can be by himself.  His dad said they had already packed the car and were coming.  Plus, even tho John has good days, there's the one day he doesn't feel good and they want to be there for that.  John gave in, so they're on their way this morning.

It started raining yesterday around 2, a nice steady rain.  This morning it's overcast and drippy.  Wanted to go to church but John is having some pain and his patch has a lot of yellow drainage again.  There is a definite correlation to the drain and pain.  His parents will probably be here around 2. 

We had a 'first' the other night.  Well, actually it happened a little at my parents at Christmas, but this was the worse so far.  John missed the toilet totally while peeing and loaded the trash can, floor, and rug instead.  I'm learning that when I hear, "Laura, I'm so sorry," he's messed up something.   We've decided he will sit to pee from now on.  He couldn't see the toilet and was guessing he was hitting it.  I think he may be losing a little more vision field.  No accidents since then.  Except for the antique pitcher lid.  My fault for leaving it in his medicine area on the kitchen counter--and on the right side.  Someone used it to contain bacon grease, and it's tall and slender; pottery, really cool, not sure of a date but I'd say the '40's ?? .  He hit it with his right hand, which he doesn't have a lot of control over.  The pitcher part landed in a garbage can below it and the lid went flying and hit the tile floor.   Oh well.  Now I can put tall utensils in it.

Some friends are coming over this afternoon, but if John keeps feeling yucky, I will call them and reschedule.  Don't want to go back to school tomorrow, but thank goodness it's a planning day.  I like hanging out with John.  Will have to make a decision about work; leave of absence, time off.....keep working.....

And, since it's the new year, his insurance deductible starts over, and now we're paying for Hospice.  Will spend most of my day at work tomorrow making phone calls............. thank goodness it's a planning day.