Monday, July 28, 2014

Character Blog Hop

 I was invited by Susan Womble ( to participate in the Character Blog Hop. Here are my answers to the questions about a character in my story. I will also post them on my facebook page, .

1.  What is the name of your character?  
John Dennis Cogdill, and yes, he was a character.
2.  When and where is the story set? Tallahassee and Havana; 2009-2012.
3.  What should we know about him?   
John Dennis was a gracious, big-hearted person.
4.  What is the main conflict?   
A diagnosis of brain cancer changed John Dennis' world in 2009.
5.  What is the personal goal of the character?   
John Dennis' main goal was to get the gospel message to as many as he could in the time he had left.
6.  What is the title of this book?   "Liquidating Life"