Monday, June 27, 2011

still hot

Still working with the probate lawyer on accessing John's bank accounts.  They sent a polite email saying they won't give any more information until the will is filed through the court, giving me the right to access the accounts.  Nothing is ever as quick and easy as a lawyer says it will be.  Not with me anyway.  It's always quirky with issues no one has dealt with before.

Went skeet shooting with Daddy twice.  The first time, he had a new gun with loaded shot, and it about took my shoulder off, and I didn't have good control after the kick.  One of the other guys loaned me a gun I'd shot before and liked, with weaker shells.  I scored the same both rounds.  This past week, I was back to my gun with weak shot, and was almost back to my best score, but the gun messed up, so I used unfamiliar stuff again, lowering my score.  I just want my gun with my shot.  Maybe next time.

Went to choir for the first time Sunday afternoon.  The people are very nice, and it was good to sing again.  They're doing patriotic music Sunday, so I'll participate.  

Counseling is going well, every other or third week.  I'm going through the stages correctly and I'm glad it's summer so I can continue to rest, recoup, and relax.  Searched online for brain tumor support groups, but couldn't find any locally.

We had a good garage sale Saturday a week ago, and while I was loading leftover boxes in my trunk, my ankle gave way and it was sprained.  Mama took me to urgent care later in the afternoon.  X-rays showed no breaks, and the dr. put me in an "ace and brace."  He gave me exercises to do and said to wear the brace for 2 weeks, then wean it off an hour a day the third week.  Will do what I have to to still go on my trip west!  

Today, Marshall and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  It was good, but the mermaids were scary.  Wonder how Wikiwatchee Springs likes that!

The Havana Hen Party got together again to eat Chinese at our buffet.  It was great fun; all teachers: public, private, current, retired.

This is the puzzle I thankfully bought the day I sprained my ankle.  It gave me something to do while I stayed on the couch.  Put together 499 pieces, but can't find #500!