Monday, July 11, 2011

timely tidbits

Summer seems to be flying by one day, dragging the next.  Guess that averages out to.....average.  
Still working with the probate lawyer, although nothing is moving right now.  It's by
my choice, though, to make decisions about how to liquidate things.

The thyroid dr said mine was great.  Weird, but great.  It isn't the usual butterfly shape wrapped around the trachea.  It's clumped in front of it in a blob.  So what's new?? 
She also said I HAVE to exercise 150 minutes a week to help with osteoporosis.  I've known
for a while I needed to be moving, but with no mental motivation, it hasn't happened.  

Found another sticky note from John the other day.  I was in the middle of printing out my WHOLE blog and needed more printer paper.  Stuck to the top sheet in the package was his note:  "Laura, Ohk   Jet & Laser     John xxxooo"
He always insisted on using 24 pound paper for the laser jet printers.  It's a heavier paper and better for the machine.  Guess he wanted to make sure I remembered!

At John's memorial, our music therapist sang "It Is Well With My Soul".  Every time I've gone back to Wildwood for church, it has been one of the songs in congregational singing.  A couple of weeks ago, I joined the choir at Havana First Baptist.  I was going to practice a few weeks before participating in service, but they were doing patriotic music for the 4th, so I went ahead and sang.  And what was one of the songs in the musical????  "It Is Well With My Soul" of course.  

One of John's favorite passages of scripture was John 12-16.  [Found out after one of his surgeries that this passage was what he was studying the night of his first seizure.  He was sad he never could understand his studies enough to learn more about it.]
When he couldn't read anymore, I read it to him.  Pastor Eric has been going through the book of John for several months, and since April, he's been in chapters 12-15.  It's been great to hear about these particular scriptures since they were so special to John.  I was afraid I'd miss chapter 16, but Pastor said we'd be in 15 for a few weeks.

I wondered Sunday how many hours John has spent talking theology with St. Paul.  or Moses.  or King David.  wow    blows my mind.