Saturday, May 14, 2011

saturated Saturday

What a day! 
 Yesterday I spent the day at the county office as a writing consultant, giving feedback on the writing process in primary grades.  It was fun and encouraging. 

Harry and Suzanne came to the house after work to go through John's books, videos, dvd's, and cd's I didn't want to keep.  They took home 4 boxes, which left me with only about 3 for the garage sale.
Sharon spent the night last night and we went to the Havana Relay for Life.  I bought cookies from my neighbor, Judy's, tent and got a caretaker pin.  They didn't have caretaker shirts this year, but I collect pins, so this was even better.  Sharon got a pin for Mama, too. 

The rain began around 10:30 p.m.  When we got up this morning, it had stopped, and we went on with the garage sale set-up.  We put it in the driveway this time to make it easier to pull in if it rained.  IF....haha.....thunder, lightning, ladies shopping holding umbrellas.  Sold the old lawn mower!  Traffic stopped during the worst of the rain.  We're going to do another garage sale in a few weeks and give it another try.
I wore one of John's favorite old t-shirts.  This is he first garage sale in years that he hasn't been at.  It was a year ago when we had the garage sale to get rid of his excess stuff right after we got married, and ended up taking him to the hospital that night to find he had air in his brain. 
a nightmare weekend

Georgena and I walked around Edinburgh Thursday.  3.5 miles....hard in the heat, but not impossible.  Need to do that a gazillion times more before heading to Glacier this summer.

Me on the old mower [ca. 1989]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Glad to be home today.  Mentally tired.
Mr. John's funeral was nice, especially the military honors at the gravesite.
The church gave a reception after the funeral.  Tim and the kids, Georgena and I went to eat, then left pretty soon after. 
The preacher appologized for not knowing I was there or mentioning me in the service.

Roof inspector came this morning.  He said everything is as it should be, although I think some of the flashing gaps under shingles too much in places. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

making John proud

My goal this weekend is to make John proud and represent him well.
It's mother's day.  While Gloria was out with a friend picking up lunch, I trimmed the bushes out front with the dullest clippers I've ever used.  Kohle helped me by bagging up the clippings.

Georgena and I took the kids to a movie [Rio].  When we got home, Gloria immediately appologized to me for my name not being in Mr. John's obituary.  Tim pointed it out to her today.  The funeral home wrote the obit, and when she and Tim proofed it, they couldn't read the bottom where the names were listed.  Gloria said as they talked with the funeral home lady about Mr. John, a man in the room wrote down what they said and used that info for the obit. 
I was hurt that my name wasn't listed, but didn't say anything to anyone in the family.  It wasn't my pride that was hurt but John's memory.  He was proud to be married and now it wouldn't be known in Mr. John's written legacy. 
Gloria said she was going to give the funeral home down the road about them leaving off my name, but they'd probably blame it on her.  Personally, I think they didn't mention John having been married when they talked to the people, so they didn't know to put me in. 

Tomorrow will be a long, emotional day.  I'm taking John's silk hankie from his wedding tux with me, along with a metal pocket 'stone' with xoxo I gave him.  Wanted something of him with me at the funeral.